BASE logochromatogramThe BAGGI BA-GCA is part of the BAGGI BASE® Instruments Series. They are the result of combining the latest state-of-the-art-technology with over 50 years of industry experience. The BA-GCA is a micro chip technology Gas Chromatograph Analyzer, for fast and reliable gas analysis. It is designed for ease of use, reduced maintenance and low gas consumption in on-line applications. It is specially built for installation in areas with an explosive atmosphere.

The micro chip technology allows to create low cost Gas Chromatograph components (valves, injector, detector, column, flow system, heating, flow diagnostics) with low internal volume and low thermal mass. These micro chip components are integrated in such a way that capillary connecting tubes are avoided and virtual zero dead volume connections are created.
The BASE® Series embedded computer is the heart of the system.




The figure shows an ATEX certified version, contained within a Stainless Steel 316L enclosure provided with a protective air purge system and a Vortex cooler (connected to the plant instrument air). Magnetic push buttons allow controlling the system without opening the cabinet.

ATEX compliance:

- II 2 G Ex px II T6

- II 3 G Ex pz II T6

The computer, besides displaying the actual readings on its LCD screen, offers a GUI for configuring the system, archiving the historical data in Excel compatible format, displaying the measurement in graphical format and generating alarms. The main software function is to process the chromatograms data (peak heights and peak areas) for obtaining the components concentration values.Finally, it can transmit remotely the measurements by means of 4...20 mA analogue outputs and the alarms by means of digital (relay) outputs.

In short the embedded computer, together with its circuitry, acts as a PLC to operate the Gas Chromatograph Analyzer during normal operation, start-up, shut-down.


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