shelter 1Cabinets, Shelters and Energy Distribution Boards are delivered under the SensEvolution  SHELT® Series.

They have a wide range of applications: from the shelter providing an internal controlled climate to the cabinet providing Atex protection in potentially explosive atmosphere (hazardous areas Zone 1-2), type of protection: “Ex d”, “Ex e”, “Ex pz” and “Ex px”.

They come with a full range of accessories, according to the requirements: heating/cooling systems, ventilation, exhaust, electric installation, lighting, sensors, electromagnetic shielding, cable and pipe connections, fire protection, mounting system…

Windows can be made of laminated safety glass or of acrylic glass.

The shelters are easily transportable, they can be equipped in the workshop and then moved to the final destination. They can be designed to meet severe environments, such as wind and snow loads, corrosion due to humidity and salt, and extreme temperatures (arctic or desert conditions).

shelter 2

The figure on the right shows a fibreglass shelter for providing a controlled temperature and a proper ventilation to a calorimeter for Wobbe Index measurement. An exhaust oulet is provided for flue gas discharge. Finally all the following connections are carried out: electrical power, process gas, analogue and digital electric signals.


The figure beneath shows a 316 Stainless Steel ATEX cabinet (IP66 enclosure protection) for operation in Zone 1 and Zone 2, that uses the purging and pressurizing method, compliances:

II 2 G Ex px II T6


II 3 G Ex pz II T6

“Ex d” versions are available, too.
The cabinet is provided with an internal pressure sensor, a vortex cooler, a pipe for pressurized air, electrical power and signal cabling, optical (fiber optic) cabling and a touch screen for embedded computer interfacing.


shelter3The large shelter, depicted in the figure at the left, houses a battery of spectrophotometric analyzers for operation in hydrocarbons industry plants.
It is available in both the pressurized and not pressurized versions.


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