Oil/Water Concentration Analysis

RC circuitOil/Water ratio measurement applications

Watercut is the ratio (in percent) between the volume of the water and the total volume of the liquid (oil + water).

An effective calculation of the Watercut is performed by measuring the Radio Frequency electromagnetic waves absorption and frequency shift by the fluid they are traversing.

The antenna of a RF generator transmits energy into the sample.

The resulting electromagnetic field (modelled by the RC circuit in the figure) will change according to the oil/water content of the sample.

The dielectric loss resistance (R in the figure) will reduce for fluid with water content. Due to the dipol character of water molecules, liquid water has a very high relative dielectric constant in comparison with dry crude oil (C in the figure).

The measurement of the C capacity, by the frequency shift of the RF signal, and the measurement of the R resistance, by the energy loss of the RF signal, give a value that is proportional to the water content.

The embedded computer software analyzes the received RF signal, performs the temperature compensation and all the necessary data processing. The calculated output is the watercut of the sample.

The SYSTEM solutions complements the RF sensors with all the software, circuitry and components needed to operate the whole system during normal operation, start-up, shut-down and emergency.


MOBI is the portable version


BASE-OW is the ppm oil in water version based on UV fluoresence method

Please see more details on the following application notes and data sheet:

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BASE-OW  ppm oil in water analyzer

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