Maritime Emission Monitoring Analyser

Stack emission analyzer

The BA-MEM is an infrared spectrometry based  analyser for monitoring continuously the emissions from large diesel engines, either fixed or onboard ships. The sensors are tested against extensive physical disturbances, including vibrations (IECD 68).

This instrument is a Combustion Emission Monitoring system able to meet the requirements of IMO MARPOL Annex VI – Regulations for the Prevention of Air Pollution from Ships. The same regulations apply altogether to mobile offshore drilling units and other oil industry platforms.

The measurements performed by the infrared sensor for assessing the quality of the Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems are typically:


·         SO2   (according to MARPOL Annex VI regulation 14)

·         NOx   (according to MARPOL Annex VI regulation 13)

·         CO2

·         Hydrocarbons (like Ethane, Ethylene, Methane)

·         O2        (via a dedicated ruggedized zirconia sensor)





The analyser operates upon the single beam dual wavelength infrared technology where pulses of two specific wavelengths are transmitted  through the sample cell in the stack mounted sensor. The ‘measure’ pulse is partially absorbed by the gaseous component to be measured, while the ‘reference’ pulse is relatively unaffected. A total of 8 wavelengths are available and in some circumstances reference wavelengths are shared. This allows up to 6 gas concentrations to be measured simultaneously (e.g. NO, SO2, CO, CO2, NO2, H2O). The specific wavelengths used are application dependent.

As shown in the figure, the analyzer (sensor) is located directly inside the stack, avoiding the need of extracting a sample from the stack. This eliminates the necessity of costly sample handling systems, but more importantly the analysis is performed on an unmodified and truly representative gas sample. The analyzer executes the algorithms for calculating the gas concentrations and includes temperature and pressure probes for their automatic compensation.

When requested, an additional dedicated sensor can be mounted into the stack for O2 measurement.

The sensor is marked  II 2 G Ex d IIB T6 (ATEX flameproof protection).

The system is completed by the Control/Verification unit, made by the BASE® Series embedded computer and the related actuators. The Control/Verification unit runs an application software for:

·         collecting the measurement values from the sensor(s);

·         archiving the results in standard CSV format;

·         presenting a graphical user interface (GUI) to the Operator;

·         transmitting remotely the information via current loops, relay signals, serial lines and WiFi;

·         verifying the zero setting of the system by filling the sample probe with clean and dry instrument air;

·         verifying the span setting by filling the sample probe with certified span gas;

·         purging the sample cell with instrument air.

The Control/Verification unit is available also in ATEX certified versions.

This rugged system is designed for low maintenance: only a single annual check is recommended. The typical life of the Infrared source is four years.


 Certified by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency

MED certification pending


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