Technical Data Sheets - Application Notes

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BASE Overview

Tail Gas Analyzer

H2S In Water Analyzer


Gas Chromatograph Analyzer

Automatic Tank Dewatering System

2-Phase Separator

3-Phase Separator

Hydrogen Analysis

Desalter Interface Control using BMA-System#3

BMA-System Benefits in Desalter Interface Control

Data Acquisition and Logging System

Online Process Viscometer (Fuel Oil Application)

Salt In Crude Online Analyzer

Oil In Water Analyzer (Spectrometry based)

Maritime Emission Monitoring Analyzer (Infrared Spectrometry based)

Sulfur In Crude Online Analyzer

Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer (Galvanic Cell Sensor)

H2S In Crude Analyzer

Oxygen Analyzer (Spectroscopy based)

In Line Refractometer (Spectroscopy based)

Sulfur Compounds in Gas Analyzer

Gas Specific Gravity Online Analyzer

pH and Redox Measurement

Clean In Place (CIP) Monitor

BTX Analyzer

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) Measurement

Analysis of Water Vapor in Emission Gases

Salt in Crude Analyzer (extractive method)

Flotation control system (Copper and Molybdenum mining)

BTEX compounds detection in process gas

Wobbe Index, Calorific Value, Specific Gravity - Multiparameter Gas Analyzer System

Bluetooth modem for Hart protocol

Colorimeter for Fuel Analysis

Online Validation System - BA-VLD


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