CompanyBAGGI rag. Eugenio was established in 1947, as a family company, it became BAGGI® B.A.G.G.I. LTD in 1975 and on the new millennium the SensEvolution® Division have been created to be better serve the International market.

It has been providing Design, Development, Installation and Assistance in the field of Instrumentation and turn-key Systems for industrial processes. The products available from the company include:

- Measurement and control of physical and chemical quantities such as Temperature, Humidity, Flow/Velocity, Pressure, Density, Viscosity, Level/Interface between immiscible liquids, Calorific Value, Wobbe Index.
- Analysis of components in liquids or gases.
- Data Acquisition systems 
The deliveries are certified for operation in explosive atmospheres, when needed.

The main reason of success has always been the attitude to listen to the customer's needs and to deliver a complete reliable solution. Based on this experience, Baggi® is able to offer very reliable solutions in reasonable time for many demanding applications.
The Baggi® SERVICE offers a complete post-sales support (periodical and spot maintenance, spares, recalibration, technical assistance) in order to achieve a full Customer's satisfaction (ISO 9001:2008).
The company is based in Italy, but installations have been done all over the world directly or through well-known engineering companies.


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